Approach Collision Probability Model (ACPM)


Houghton Associates, Inc. supports the development of procedures and technologies that improve airport access and reduce delays during low visibility conditions. An example of this work is the analysis of closely-spaced parallel operations during low visibility conditions and the application of Satellite Navigation technologies to expand airport access. The ACPM model includes
Realistic aircraft aerodynamics
Autopilot control loops
Wake vortices
Rare event probability
Houghton Associates, Inc. understands that simulation and modeling require specialized techniques both to optimize performance and to ensure appropriate fidelity. We continually expand and improve on our advanced simulation toolset.



Model-Driven Flight Simulation

Houghton Associates, Inc. develops complex models and conducts intensive computational simulations. Applications include simulation-based acquisition. Our development capabilities include physics-based models, Monte Carlo simulations, graphical displays, and integration of distributed real-time simulations.

Houghton Associates, Inc. provides an extensive data analysis capability. Upfront quality assessment of collected data based on statistical analysis of trends and outliers is automated. Key analysis elements include
Fuel consumption
Time savings
Assessment of procedures flown
Radar track analysis
Navigation system performance
Flight track error analysis
A much wider array of analysis can be conducted as needed; including tailoring to specific airports, across a fleet, or test evaluation. Statistical and trend analysis capability is comprehensive. Data mining is conducted to observe patterns and trends in large volumes of data.


Operations Research


Houghton Associates, Inc. current operations research capability includes
Detailed weather analysis for any airport using data from the last several years extending beyond the usual climate data to include winds aloft and RVR data
Detailed traffic analysis for any U.S. airport using radar data from the last several years
Modeling of the impact of NAS evolution on operations
Aircraft performance models
Metro-area noise modeling
Procedure data and models for operational impact of minima
Probabilistic modeling
Operations research modeling and identification of improvements

Houghton Associates, Inc. analyzes passenger value of time (PVT) savings associated with access, delays, cancellations, and diverts; cost savings associated with new technologies, and procedures; and safety improvements for transportation systems. PVT calculations established for programs include
Access benefit due to the development of new approach procedures
Access benefit due to the application of new cockpit technologies
Access benefit due to lower departure minima
Multi-mode transportation systems
Delay reduction due to capacity improvements
Delay reduction due to reduced queuing times
Delay reduction due wake turbulence mitigation