Acquisition support experience on programs large and small across all lifecycle phases.




Unified approach to systems engineering, cost estimation, benefits analysis, and program management.

Strong background in data analytics, modeling, and simulation.

Extensive experience in navigation programs including GPS, WAAS, EGNOS, and Galileo.

Strong background in telecommunications.



Data Analytics


Houghton Associates, Inc applies state-of-the-art data analytics tools and develops application-specific Java-based software to support program decisions.






Houghton Associates, Inc. applies business analysis, database management, modeling techniques, and simulation strategies to the development of program acquisition business cases, operational implementation analyses, and system engineering.






Modeling and Simulation

Houghton Associates, Inc applies a wide range of Open Source modeling and simulation tools to support program decisions. We actively participate in the Open Source community. We develop Java-based models and simulations for specialty analyses.